Jian started school today & I couldn't be a more proud mama! She was so brave. Woke up early from bed than her usual time which I thought would be an issue. Her kindergarten is a few feet away from our home. She even said her name loudly in her class & everybody welcomed her with love. My little girl has grown up & seeing these pictures brought me to tears. Can't wait till the end of the year to see how much she has grown into! Can't wait till she blooms into a big lady with a heart of gold.

I always thought of homeschooling her but she had such a big personality. Then I decided the routine will give her a push to the real world. She will learn to share & the meaning of non approval. Her dad just pampers her so much, nothing gets you going than a little extra discipline, right!!

Here are some tips that helped her cope a little better-

1. TOURING-I already took her to the school & introduced her to her teachers before hand. This helped her a lot to battle out the fear of new place.

2. ENCOURAGE TO READ- we have a lot of story books & night time stories are her favorite. She doesn't know the words but has the full stories imprinted in her heart as she makes me & her dad tell them thousand times a day. Believe me this really helps. She isn't afraid of any book out there! Even if it's a boring text book.

3. MAKE THEM DO THEIR OWN THING- like carrying their backpack, eating lunch, using the rest room.

4. STOP PRESSURING THEM ABOUT THE BORING ABC OR 123- its more important that they learn good manners & build good characters.

5. TEACH THEM ABOUT STRANGERS & INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING- this is the most important thing that you can teach your child. I am even planning if she responses to any of my friends if they ask her to come with them & observe her & what she does from near by!



  1. Great tips for any parent with kindergarten aged children


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