Who doesn't like a massage now & then! If you ask my husband what does he want for gift, He would say "A whole body session" in a blink. So what do you think? Does oil massages really help your babies?

No.1- All the touching helps to bond with your little one.

No.2- Clock wise strokes in the belly comes handy for tummy troubles.

No.3- It always calms Azaan whenever he is fussy or having sleep problems!

No.4- Certainly boosts voluntary muscle development. Some babies may even walk as early as 7 months!

No.5- Don't forget about the geared up immune systems. Most of the basic physiotherapy consists of massage of a muscle or some other kind of body part. We often use chest therapy for reliving coughs in children as doctors.

N0.6- Please don't use mustard oil, because they are sticky & clog the pores.Baby oils are sometimes allergic. You can use any kind of unscented, edible, vegetable or fruit oil, such as coconut, canola, corn, avocado oil. We use olive oil, just a dab, not much!

N0.7- No matter how strong or big your baby is, always try to massage as gentle as possible. No body likes muscle aches after a massage session.

I always massage Azaan during noon & plays with him a while afterwards. My cutie pie just loves our noon oil ritual. What about you? What do you do to bond with your little ones? We sure would like to hear you routines & try them!



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