Being a mom is the hardest job there don't need me to say this again because you already know this. But what if it could get easier, simply by following some unwritten rules! This is not a recommendation or advice list but rather a mom talk to the other mommy-to-bes out there. The following list helped me, so it might help you, too.

1.BE PATIENT- with everything. Your child needs you. Being mad will worsen everything. . I had some issues with Azaan's sleeping problems. It got better after 3 months or so.

2.TALK TO ANYBODY- Talking really helps. Share thoughts to your partner, rather than bottling up everything inside. Tell him you need your space.

3. LOVE YOUR POST BABY BODY- like me you may experience postpartum weirdness. I had pain all over my body. Then I found out it was Myofacial pain syndrome, about which I will share a post soon.

4.BREAST FEEDING HURTS- but only for a little while. Nothing is more peaceful than watching your tiny baby while he feeds. The way he looks at you, the love he feels for you, nothing can buy this.

5.LEARN TO DO EVERYTHING WITH ONE HAND- like type in your laptop or eat your breakfast.

6.IT'S OK TO CRY OR SHOUT SOMETIMES- crying soothes the anger.

7.JUST REMEMBER ONE THING ALWAYS- they do grow up faster than you blink. Don't waste your precious time doing everything perfect.JUST BE A MOM & HANG IN THERE!!



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