I know most of you has already set a resolution for 2015 but I am always over thinking these things. What if I can't make it, what if my mom laughs at me...childish right! Actually, no. This is a very common disease & everyone should look it up ( just kidding ).

Well it might be easy with you guys but I don't know where the time goes when you have two little rascals ( I dearly love them, aren't they the cutest? ) So I am going to be practical & choose only word that would describe my goal & also I am going to repeat it 100 times a day or when ever I am unbalanced...how about CARE. I  thought of choosing this word because of all the health issues me & my family had to battle last year. More of which you can read here.

1. School..Jian is starting kindergarden, so I have to be more focused on eating healthy breakfast. She tends to skip them.

2. Dental check-ups for the whole family...at least once a year.

3. Organize...donate unnecessary things rather than putting them in a box.

4. Yoga...at least for 5 minutes even if it kills me.

5. Change the look of the blog. Working on it as we speak.

6. Stop daydreaming about our new home. I just can't wait for the move. It's going to be a hard one but I am as ready as hell!

7. Study...1 topic related to my exam, every single day, even it's just a little thing.

8. Stop yelling at Jian..she does not listen to me anyways!

9. Meditate ...twice daily.

10. Buy..one house hold item a month rather than pressuring myself by doing a 365 project, which is quite impossible with a new baby ( & an old one ).



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