BYE BYE 2014 ON 365/365

 2014 has been a roller coaster year for me. First I got pregnant, which we thought may be do in 10 years ahead or even talked about adopting. Then I had to move from my color splashed home to a without elevator, fixer upper, 7th floor during my husbands busiest business season, get it with a very fast toddler who has the ability to move like superman!

Between all these my dad had an heart attack & was in life support for almost a week. All the doctors obviously counseled me as I was the doc of the family. Just imagine being pregnant for 8 weeks, moving, caring for 3 year old & then hearing & conveying the worst news of your father's possible death!

I even managed to pass my FCPS written exam & face the oral tests. But unfortunately my doctor noticed almost 3 weeks difference at my 28 weeks check-up. I was given a 3200 calorie diet which made me glucose intolerant. So had to take insulin for controlling high blood sugar. At 34 weeks my baby started moving less. The doctors even prepared me for premature delivery to fight fetal distress.

But my god was looking down on me. Everything went well despite of so many road bumps. And in the end, I could hold my perfect healthy baby.



  1. Hello Guys,

    Really!! Very nice feel ...!! I am pregnant last four month I have read many helpful blogs and tips.. Please share your experience ..!!

    One more thing.... Woman helpful tips and blogs...


  2. Thanks, Ashley. Looking forward to write about my pregnancy & delivers. Definitely on top my to-do-list!


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