One of the thing I miss most after being a mommy is LINEAR SLEEP. We had this problem with Jian also, but she adopted her normal night time sleep schedule after 2 or 3 days, when we returned home from the hospital. But Azaan had these almost for 3 months & I tried everything. Night time massages, bathing, singing, even something stupid as letting him cry to sleep, which I tried once for 4 or 5 minutes & it was petrifying. How does one let their little babies cry to sleep? I think no parent could do so. So ultimately we all suffer from sleep deprivation.

It is like you are never having enough sleep. You are hungry all the time, you are angry all the time. I know this because I am chronically sleep deprived. But there are some shocking truth about sleep deprivation that we can easily prevent by looking for the signs...

1.Impaired glucose intolerance- evident by excessive hunger, urination & thirst.

2.Memory loss- you simply can remember the name of one of your classmates or a movie star!

3.Less precise motor skills- trying to pour something but you spill them

4.Feeling depressed.

5.Your body doesn't agree with you- like you are constantly coming down with flues, muscle aches, excessive pain from a simple fall or just simple old dark circles that you can't get rid of!



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