This is my favorite piece of furniture in the whole right world. When I designed this I was just out of med school, working as a part time doctor, who was living on top of this globe, not having to worry about anything at all. Then arrived my wedding. It is customary in our country for the mother of the bride to provide every little thing including furniture to the girl as token of love.

Most of the the girl has no say in this but I was a little bit lucky, as I knew Kamal before our  marriage & also he was not like other stubborn guys who didn't want to try something that their wife was talking about. He told me to design with my heart out. And boy did I dream! I designed & rethinked everything for over 3 months. You would have come in front of me & find me day dreaming & deep googling. There were sore eyes in the house, because I spent that much time in front of the computer!

I could not believe when I first saw my little furniture! Everything was just the way I dreamt of. But this little coffee table stole my heart away , the first moment I laid my eyes on. I had the wheels incorporated so that it could move through the living room as the guests were sitted.

But when Jian began to walk I just shoved it in a corner to protect her little toes! I just couldn't love it anymore. I wanted to but the mommy inside me said no! So for last 3 years or so I have been living without a coffee table & it is now my daughter's favorite place where she jumps, climbs on windows, sings, dances, calls off strangers from 7th floor or just plays with her eyeless teddy!



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