Baba, you are 7 months old. Did you hear it loud & clear, you are exactly 7 months! I know, right! It is still a little bit unbelievable to me. Just seems yesterday, when I first saw your tiny red face & cried for an hour, not only because you were mine. But also that you were as healthy as a little rabbit!

You are brave, you are witty. And your big sister can't beat you at any game, no matter how little you are...Your eyes do only one thing, follow her where ever she goes, what ever she does! You look at our plates with so much eagerness to eat. But when ever there is your time for baby food, you make such a cute little yucky face! In the day, you usually have rice & lentil mix which we call "khichuri". And in the night I give you fruit cereal which you are beginning to like a little!

I thought it would be impossible to make you feed something you would actually like. I tried everything. But you didn't like anything. Moreover, nothing was really suiting you. Mashed rice & Suzi was making you pass loose stools. Which was a pain in the a**. We had to go to the hospital & do the stool test twice. Every body said you were ok. But I couldn't believe it. Thank God that now you are well & pretty.

Baba, did I tell you that you are turning into this perfect big boy. And I couldn't be more proud.

Jian, ma, you are 56 months old, 4 more months to your birthday! You want a flower cake or a princess one. You just finished your first big exam, but couldn't understand the tough questions & their answers. I just can't stop you eat so much chocolate & ruin your dinner.  Most of the times you don't listen to anybody. Not even your dad! When will you grow up?



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