JIAN- You have grown a lot these last few months. You can call it a 4.5 year update, if you want to. Momma is so proud of you. You can repeat almost anything that is said to you, no matter what the language. You can speak Bangla & Hindi without any trouble. You understand most of the English, too. You go to the toilet all by yourself. You can eat with a spoon or fork. you can pour drinks in your glass. Follow any command that your daddy gives you, like fetching remote or bottles. You help daddy to get off his shoes when he is home, puts them inside the cupboard.

Your height & weight both is within normal which makes me relieved because I always was afraid that you wouldn't grow much for your GERD.

The most amazing thing that I love about you is....when you smell something delicious or bad, You bring your nose close to my nose & ask me what it smells like. I just couldn't make you understand, that is not the way our nose works. It can't memorize smells!!

AZAAN- You are such a big boy now. ALMOST 4.5 MONTHS!!
You can touch your feet & hold them for 5 seconds or so.
You can roll over, you love being on your tummy & playing with your sister!
Your big sister is your world.  No matter how sleepy or hungry you are, you never give in until she is near you!
You carefully put one hand inside the other hand & push them inside your tiny mouth!
You laugh hard when mommy makes the coo-coo sound.
You hold mommy with both hands & kiss/lick hard!



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