It is hard to explain the process of going through an specific memory. Like a take it in your camera, then forget about it. But when you go through them a year later, it takes you back to that exact place...just like time traveling. I had planned for so many nice things to write, so many experiences to share. But was kept on hold for my exam & now for our new baby. My health is not on my side this time. I spent the nights sleepless & the mornings with nausea & vomiting. Did I mention the all over itching & body aches? We went to see the obs & she said I may have GDM, as my both parents have diabetes & I was gaining no weight. Now I am on insulin & 6-7 times eating sessions as it seems that the baby is not gaining expected weight.
So we are on slow baby steps here..or you can say one day at a time concept. I surely promise to write everyday & share my project!



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