What do you think is the GO number this year?I mean regarding your children.I have these annoying relatives & friends,being all well wisher kind & asking me when are we going to have the next baby?Why are we not feeling threatened with only one child?We have no future with 1 (oh! my god with only 1 child) & etc.

Thanks for your concern guys & thanks for today's plot.Is it wrong being happy with only 1 ,the most beautiful precious kid in the universe?I don't know where did I GET THAT offal husband of mine?Being all impractical like me.

My sweet little angel is like this love sponge,wanting more & more hugs & kisses which are increasing in seconds.She needs this extra attention all day long,nights too.ALL kids are like this.But we,as parents decide otherwise.There are so many downsides to having a child without proper spacing.Let's talk WHY?

1.ECD-Early childhood development.Ring a bell?The UN,WHO,USAID -are spending tons of money & resourses for this.It's said that the brain grows to its fullest,upto two thirds in the first three years.SO if you have another child in this period,definately the attention shifts to the next one.

2.Mother's nutrition-A mom needs at least 2 to 3yrs. in between to rejuvenate.Our body & nature works that way.When in the womb the baby takes all the nutrition it needs specially the calcium,iron,zinc,vitamins from the mother's blood through placenta.She must have 2 gain back all the vitamins & minerals she has given to the child or she may suffer from anemia & malnutrition,no matter how many vitamin pills she takes.

3.SAM-Many of the second children develop Protein energy malnutrition which may be fatal in growth if not properly addressed,because the mother herself  suffers from the same deficiency.Excessive crying,hair fall,recurrent infections are common symptoms.

4.Uterus habitation-A mom's womb is made that way.It needs to in-ovulate or turn into it's normal shape before it needs to be stretching away the second or third time.

5.Baby benefits-With proper spacing & obviously care,the baby will be born with less post delivery complications.Healthy birth means a healthy outcome.

6.Coping mentally-A mother really needs some time to get used to & manage the stress & responsibility that comes with a newborn.You can check out this link

I don't discourage you guys to have kids.With proper planning & spacing you could have a better outcome regarding the mother & the baby's health.But being from a country where almost two third of women & child die every year without proper birth planning,it's hard for me to watch & say nothing,being a doctor and all.I don't know what future holds for us but for now we are so happy being the three bear family.The elders did used to say ...."Where there is health,There is wealth".




  1. This is such a wonderful post. We have started to get asked if we are thinking about "the next one" and Roman is only five-months-old! Honestly, we are really not certain what we want to do yet. There are many reasons why having an only child would be great, but there are also reasons why we would love to have a family of four.

    I didn't know about the vitamins that are lost and that it takes 2-3 years to recover them! This is valuable information. Thank you for sharing. :)

    As for your blog, I think it is lovely. You are clearly a wonderful, loving mother. Keep writing from your heart. xoxo

  2. Thanks for your are so you always!!


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